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(Archived) Indicate saved search is still active, select more than one saved search



The way I view it, both tags and saved searches are there to filter and narrow down the selection of notes until I have found the note I am looking for. I use both in to roughly the same extent to narrow down the amount of shown notes.

Evernote specifically provides for that option, because I can select a saved search, and then further narrow down the number of notes by clicking a tag with the CMD key pressed down. That way, the saved search will stay active as a filter while the additional tag filter is applied.

However, if I select a saved search first and then select one or several tags by CMD-clicking them, there is no visual indicator showing me that the saved search is still active as a filter. As a counter example, I can once again provide a screenshot from Bibdesk. There, I can select both a "smart group" (that is a saved search) and one or several tags by holding the CMD key down, but the GUI actually indicates that the smart group is still active. Granted, if a saved search uses the positive occurrence of tags as a search criterion, these will be indicated in the sidebar. However, many search criterions used in saved searches are more complex than that (absence of certain tags, title contains. etc.)

See screenshot: https://www.dropbox....w2nwi2/scr1.png

Furthermore, in Bibdesk, I can actually select several smart groups at the same time, meaning that their respective filters are applied simultaneously. This makes sense if one views saved searches as filters.

See screenshot: https://www.dropbox....5rjnda/scr2.png

PS: Once again, I failed miserably at uploading my screenshots here. The file uploader keeps telling my that files in the 100-200 kb range are "too big to upload".

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Okay, I see that no one else is really interested in this matter but I wanted to add a little something on this topic

1) I noticed I can activate a saved search by clicking it. It gets highlighted, its filter becomes active. By CMD-clicking the highlighted search, it will no longer be highlighted, but remains active. That seems to be borderline buggy behaviour, because why allow the user the option to de-highlight it without deactivating it. That is confusing behaviour.

2) After further using saved searches, I do think the possibility to combine saved searches by being able to select several at once is a really powerful feature. For instance, I have a saved search "Recent case law", "tag:caselaw created:20090101" and one "Cases to annotate", "tag:caselaw -tag:annotated". Occasionally, I want to be able to easily look up all recent case law that is not yet annotated. However, I do not want to overpopulate my saved search list. Allowing the user to combine the filter effect of two or more saved searches by CMD-clicking would easily allow that and, if all active saved searches are highlighted, it would be quite intuitive.

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