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(Archived) Evernote IMAP Alpha

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I'm very happy using your software and you guys are doing a great job. Few months back, you informed your users that IMAP was a work in progress.

I want to know if there are any updates on this service. I'm really looking forward to using this service.

Please provide some details on how this service is coming up.



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I'm using it on my WM5 phone, and it works great for text notes once I told my mail client which notebooks (folders) to synchronize to the phone. I have all of my recipes on the device for when I'm at the store.

The mail client on my phone won't grab attachments (images) unless you open them first, which is unfortunate.

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IMAP works for me (Windows Vista, thunderbird), but not shows correct directory names with cyrillic letters changing them to "?". Note headers and content works well, cyrillic folders in other accounts (Gmail, f.e.) works well too.

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