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✔ REQUEST: showing all files as attachments

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For backward compatibility reasons Evernote always shows images in-line, so right click/"View as Attachment" command is disabled. However, if you set registry value HKCU/Software/Evernote/Evernote/StrictAttachments to 1, Evernote will allow you to use this command. Please fully terminate Evernote using File/Exit command before changing application registry.

Note that you can also attach images as attachments by holding down Shift key when drag'n'dropping files on a note.


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Thank you so much for your reply. Much appretiated :)

Holding down the Shift key while dragging would be a perfect solution - however it doesn't work for me :?

I've tried dragging and holding down the Shift key at the same time - but the image shows in-line :o

Am I missing something?

Best regards,


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When I go to "Options/note" I have an option "Always show PDF documents as attachments."

I want to show all uploaded files (regardless of their types) as attachments.

Can this be done?



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There's a registry hack that will default pictures to attachments

In HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Evernote\Evernote, change the value of StrictAttachments to "1"

Lifted from spgScott's help file at http://www.evernote.com/pub/spgscott/evernote-help (Look for: "Are there any hidden options for Evernote for Windows?") Please read this page before changing your registry!

If you already have PDFs set the same way, all other file types will simply show the attachment icon. I think.

So. A little tinkering under the hood and you can achieve your aim. Good request though - it would be good to have these things as simple menu options for easy access.

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I believe the term is bitter-sweet...

First, let me apologise. My information is apparently not entirely correct. It appears that I may have misinterpreted what that option does.

I tested it, and it doesn't change the images to attachments.

BUT it does allow for the right click option of "view as attachment" to be selected for an image.

In it's current state it is therefore possible to force attachment view, but it is a lengthy process if you have a lot of images stored. (you have to right click all of them)

In reading the information that I was provided a bit more clearly, the phrase used was: "If this one is set to 1, images may be viewed as an attachment."

So, at this point I would ask for clarification from Peter (kvitekp), the settings master on this option.

Happy that my notebook is somewhat useful, sad that I was inaccurate :(


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I blame that bloke @kvitekp; he confused us with his smooth tech talking...

And I used your notes recently, because I was about to have a conniption fit after doing lots of short searches that froze the search box for what seemed like minutes at a time. That "set the delay to zero" option has fixed things admirably.

Thankyou Sir, your labours have not been in vain.


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Gazumped, looks like the name of the registry entry is "SearchAsYouTypeDelay". Will try that because searching is getting too slow (have too many notes, I guess!).

Thanks for this and for the link to Scott's shared notebook!

And thanks, Scott, for all these tips!


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There are times when I'd like to attach an image to a note, but I don't want to display the image inline. I just want it to treat the image file like it would treat a binary file attachment.

I tried editing some ENML to change the mime type, but it still rendered the image inline.

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Please - View image as Attachment would be great!


Also, View All as Attachment(s) would be great!


both features are practically essential, if you ask me.


It is extremely hard to work with images without allowing for thumbnails (resize) or "view as attachment" - as the large images make it impossible to actually work. On the other hand, adding smaller versions of the images is also impossible, as it causes loss of data.



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Do we have any news in this regard? I only use Evernote windows at work and messing w the registry is a big no-no in corp environment. My workflow involves taking several pictures from my moleskine and adding todo's related to them, it becomes a very large (in terms of how vertically long it gets) that's quite cumbersome to scroll through/organize yourself. Would be great to be able to select all messages, right click -> show as icons, this would allow me to double click and focus on any given note at  a time while easily having a bird's eye view of all the content.
I'm not sure how hard it is to implement this or if it's on the roadmap, would be great to have any insider info on this because if nothing will change in this regard I'll have to think of a new flow.
Thank you

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I'm using a beta version so this might not have made it to the public app yet,  but have a look at Tools > Options > Note and 'Note View Options'  - one of them is 'allow images displayed as attachments' which is worded a bit odlly,  but sounds as though it might do what you want...

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