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(Archived) how to export just the photos from a notebook



Hi, I'd like to export all the photos in one notebook (to import them in lightroom).

Does anyone know if it is possible to export all the photos in a notebook in one, easy procedure?

I'd hate having to do that one by one.



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Hi and welcome to the Forums.

You can easily find all the notes with images, and export them in various formats; whether any of that would be substantially helpful in moving images to another application is, I would suspect, highly doubtful.

Until someone writes a specific utility to do this (and if there is one, I'd like a copy please!) I think the only way is manually, note by note.

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Thanks, I figured it out: I can export all attachments from a batch of selected notes (could be all the notes in one notebook). All I have to do next is sort the exported files and delete everything but the .jpg files. Next problem is renaming the files because the exported files have '/' dashes in the file names! Which aren't recognised by my photo software. Again: cumbersome.

So I found an even quicker way: every photo you take with the iphone app is stored in the Photostream. This is synced to iPhoto, which in turn allows you to export a selection.

However, in both cases, somehow the photos are stripped from their geotags by evernote. Shame, because that's what I needed them for, to pair them with other photos taken with my regular camera!

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