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Anyone know what is new in that showed up in the marketplace today? Unfortunately, it rendered my phone useless for an hour or two as it purged my database and reset ALL of my settings in EN - location settings enabled, which folders I want for offline, etc.

I'd like to know what is updated as this seems a pretty big version jump. I think 2.2 was the last version out.

Also, any plans to not blow away the user data with each upgrade? EN on iOS doesn't do this. I works like Windows does - just install and let the updated client use the same database.

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Well, it gets worse. As of yesterday afternoon, Evernote wasn't even in the WP7 Marketplace! Something is going on. Hopefully the EN team will get it fixed by tomorrow.

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Hi All,

We are investigating this issue now, and hopefully a new update should be available shortly.

The version number should be 2.4, the only change is the integration with our Chinese Server.

We are also working on new features for everyone and we hope to provide some new beta update soon.

Thank you.

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i too "upgraded" from to

It did a full resync of data, but this time it remembered my preferred offline folders, live tile settings, location settings, etc.

I still cannot download my favorite offline notebook though because it is 250MB and it takes, for some reason, 6-7hrs on WP to download, and these upgrades make that all for naught with the current practice of resyncing.

Thankful the iOS updates don't do this. I've updated EN on my iPad several times and never had to resync.

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