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Sync with Power Nap in OS X Mountain Lion



I'm pretty sure I know the answer to this, but I'll ask anyway: will it be possible in a future EN version for a sync to occur while the machine is sleeping, using OS X 10.8's Power Nap feature?

From what I've read (which is why I'm pretty sure I know the answer), Power Nap doesn't have an API that 3rd party apps can hook into (so apps can't trigger a "DarkWake" event, nor can they be notified when one occurs). It's unclear if this is just a initial limitation that will change in the future. I'm also aware that Power Nap is only supported on Macs with built-in flash storage (rMBP, or 2012 MBAs).

However, I'm also lead to believe that when one of these "DarkWake" events happens; the machine's CPU/disk/memory systems are all fully active (video and audio are not), so any open applications can still execute...they just need to gracefully handle the fact that there's no video or audio present.

So in theory, if you have EN configured to auto sync every 5 mins; and that happens to coincide with a Power Nap "DarkWake"; then it's possible that it will actually sync. That said, it's probably down to pure luck whether these two events happen concurrently.

So I guess the question would be: assuming that Apple doesn't open up Power Nap to allow 3rd party apps like EN to sync while sleeping; would be possible to have a much shorter sync interval in EN (say, "sync every minute") for when the system is asleep; to greatly increase the chances of catching one of these "DarkWake" events? Even if it was just once (ie. sync every minute, until successful).

The scenario I'm hinting at here is one I often encounter (as I'm sure many others do): you add/edit a note in EN, then close the lid of you machine before the next scheduled sync.

Later when you fire up EN on your phone, you can't find the note because it still sitting in "pending synchronization" state on your Mac. Of course, remembering to manually trigger a sync before sleeping avoids this issue; but I don't always remember to do that.

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Thanks for the suggestion. Noted.


Jack, I just upgraded to Mac Mavericks, and I really love it.


Any chance EN Mac will start allowing sync during a Power Nap any time soon?  That would be waaaaaaay cool.   :ph34r:

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