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(Archived) Photos synching from iPad to MacBook are sometimes reversed



Hi everyone,

I'm posting this on behalf of one of my students. I teach English here in Osaka, Japan and am an avid Evernote and Mac user, just like my student.

She often takes photos of the whiteboard of my lessons with her iPad 2 and then puts them into Evernote. She has an iPhone and a MacBook Pro.

The pictures seem to sync with her iPhone no problem, but with her MBP some of the photos are coming out reversed. I realize there is no rotate feature for photos built into Evernote on the Mac.

I was wondering if anyone has experienced the same thing and if so, do you have a work around?



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Hi EmceeLito, we actually do have image rotation in Evernote. Right click the image and choose a direction. If you're not seeing the option, you have an older version and it's time to update. Enjoy!

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