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(Archived) Need to get past corp firewall



So I have the evernote client on my PC at work. However, the IT staff changed the network firewall settings so that I can no longer sync. I was thinking that I would simply put the personal data from my MAC at home onto a USB stick and bring to work. However, I cannot find the files that ontain my personal data on my iMAC.

1. Would this strategy work?

2. What file(s) do I need to transfer?

On my PC I found the what appeared to be my personal data: a file called philipw2 something.something. But I cannot seem to find that file on my mac.

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File structures are different on the two platforms so you won't be able to use that method.

Someone on here may have a suggestion, but if I were in your shoes I'd open a support ticket and see if the Evernote people have any ideas.

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