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chrome (Archived) issue with web clipper on os x lion with chrome

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I just installed the Web Clipper plugin on Chrome. When I clip a web page (or even just the link) the note causes issues in my desktop client: I can view the note once, but then I can't view any other notes. The app still works (I can click on notes, delete them, etc.) but I can't see their content.

Restarting Evernote fixes the issue, but if I click on the web-clipped note again, same problem.

I've deleted Evernote and installed the latest from the web site: Version 3.2.0 (300088), same problem. I've clipped pages on different web sites, same problem. Here's the page I tried to clip: http://www.imperialv.../hope9talk.html



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Hi dmeiz,

Thanks for reporting this, we are looking into this issue. Will post back here if we find out what's going on.

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