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Request: Clipping webpages into pages in reading mode


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Whenever I clipped a page for later reading purposes, it turns out the saved page is an editable page with a mouse pointer flashing.

It's not suitable to read and scroll, since when you press down arrow key it's the mouse pointer that moves, not the page.

Please allow a "Reading Mode" for clipped web pages. Maybe in the style of Clearly so that we can change background color.

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I second this request -- adding some sort of "reading mode" to the actual Evernote application similar to Clearly would be an excellent addition.

I envision single article pageview with a single toolbar @ the top allowing you to move finished articles to different notebooks or Trash and the ability to add/remove tags on the same toolbar. Additionally, the format could be similar to a "lightbox" used for photo viewing online and articles could be scrolled through via arrows that appear when hovering over the left/right side of the screen.

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Thanks for the suggestion.


so how about a reading mode on your Mac and iOS apps? any progress there?


its annoying to be going through a note you've saved and having your pointing device mess up the text, formatting etc.

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