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(Archived) restore data without archive file?



Hello everyone,

I've been trying to solve this problem myself unsuccessfully so i'd appreciate any help very much!

I restored my mac osx 10.6.8 entirely and i've been told at the genius bar, that by using time machine (as I do) I should be able to restore all my data. So far so good. But now that I need to use evernote (you do not quiet realise how much stuff you have to reinstall/ setup again until you do...) I am facing a problem.

In the EN export/ import directory it says that either backing up using TM or exporting notes into an archive would do.

As I was not aware that i would have to do any of this so safe my data I was glad I am actually used to using TM. So I got the data folder from ~users/library... and c+p it into the current evernote folder. Actually following the steps in the manual I now have to open EN to archive those notebooks I just c+p. Seeing the flaw in there?

It might work if I archive the notebooks before c+p them but this way they either do not show up at all or evernote keeps crashing when trying to open it up.

So are my notebooks lost or is there another/ a way of restoring my notebooks?

P.S. I never signed in with EN when opening the application, so there is no chance of an online version of my notebooks.

To clear things up: I have never exported my notebooks into an archive, I only have my time machine ~users/library/application support/evernote/data (.enml files)

Sorry for my limited english, it is not my first language

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