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(Archived) Feature request: Music-chain or playlist

Guest mrossk

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Guest mrossk

I store more and more of my new music in evernote offline-notebooks and use my phone as a mobile music player when I jog.

I store each song in a single note so I can search the note-title, quick find and switch between songs, I can use tags to group by interpret/year or whatever and the playing of songs works very well.

The huge disadvantage of this: I have to select and start each single song and can't hear them all after another. So I really would like to be possible to make a chain of songs or a playlist so the evernote player plays itself all this songs one after another without interrupting.

2 ideas:

1. music-chain:

If a note contains only an audio file and after the audio file there is a link to an other note that also contains only an audio file (and eventually a link) then after playing the current audio file jump to the next note and play this audio file and so on.

2. Playlist

Make it posible to create a playlist-note. All linked audio notes in this note are played in the order the links from top to bottom. This method is much more flexible because

1. you can create different playlists for different needs

2. When a song is deleted it does not interrupt a music-chain (of idea 1) because then simply the next working link is used.

I am thinking about such a playlist a long time now and have wondered that no other has made such a suggestion until now. Due to this missing function I have currently doubled some songs: In Evernote an on my android device. This is difficult to organize.

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