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It took me quite a few minutes to get used to the new UI.

Of course it is just because of my own stupidity, but hope this tip will help save frustration to some.

So, to expand the list of notebooks or tags, swipe the left panel to the the left.

It is a bit counter-intuitive, one could think that the notes panel should slide more to the right - but this is how it works now.

To switch the left panel among list of notebooks, tags and places, swipe the left panel back to the right - to reveal the fixed gray controls panel - then tap on Notebooks or Tags or Places. Tap on Notes will switch the Notes pane to "all notes" view.

It all is great and looks nice, however, if possible, in the next release, could you make it a bit easier to new users?

1. When the left panel is hidden (moved to right), please make so that tap on it slides it to the left.

and v.v. when the left panel expanded, tap on its heading should slide it to the right.

2. Same for the notes panel: tap on the heading should slide it right-left.

Do not require the swipe gesture, just a tap or maybe tap and hold.

3. Add a view switch between notes/tags/places on the top of the left panel.


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What is often called "intuitive" is almost always learned behavior. I found this functionality easy to learn, myself, and swiping has a natural, physical, analogue. I'm wondering how a tap would be easier? Where would the tap take place? And would it be easy for the software to distinguish with say, a tap that means "select"?

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