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(Archived) Chrome Hangs upon startup when Evernote clipper is enabled


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I have Evernote 5.5.1 and an 'up-to-date' version of Chrome on my Windows 7 system. Every single time I start Chrome, the first web page I try to start up hangs and will not load. If I simply try another page, or the same page again - there are no further problems. So this means I have to click on any URL twice to startup Chrome, or if I start it up with a home page, then that home page has to be loaded twice. It's very annoying. Firefox does NOT do this, but I prefer to default to Chrome.

What does this have to do with Evernote? Well, in troubleshooting the problem, I disabled every add-in, one-by-one. I find that if I disable Evernote, the hang on first page problem disappears. Evernote reliably triggers the hang-on-startup problem, and no other add-in has any impact. Thus I must conclude that Evernote is hanging up Chrome upon start-up in some way. Has anyone else experienced this? Any suggestions?

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Same boat, exactly, and on two PCs. Both Win7 Chrome 'up-to-date' and Webclipper 5.5.1 The two instances of chrome are signed into the same google account, and both have had all history wiped and only the webclipper active as an addon.

No suggestions sadly, but I'm in the same boat for sure.

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