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(Archived) Anyone know how to manually copy notes off android SD card?


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Hi there,

My Android Evernote app (on a HTC Desire HD) stopped syncing a couple of weeks ago. According to Support this is due to a software update they did.

I now need to copy my unsynced notes out of the Android app, then uninstall and reinstall it to fix it (what a pain!). Support suggested doing this by emailing every unsynced note via the app (what a double pain!) but the "Email a copy" link is for some reason greyed out.

Does anyone know the manual way to copy notes off the SD card? Surely I can attach by USB, copy off some eml and resource files and then copy them back to the same place on reinstallation??

Any help gratefully received,


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If I'm not wrong you're asking for this solution which is Evernote support's standard response:

*If you are an advanced user, you may preserve your Pending notes by performing the following steps:

Mount the SD card to your desktop computer and look in: /sdcard/Evernote/notes/. You'll find a series of subdirectories containing HTML versions of your notes with .enml extensions, as well as images, audio files and any attachments. You can copy this folder to your desktop computer. You will need to rename the .enml files to .html first, then you can open them in your browser and "Clip" them into Evernote. You can copy the image and audio files directly into the desktop version of Evernote.

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