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(Archived) Evernote folders



I am setting up a cloud backup service. I don't think it is necessary for me to backup my local Evernote files since they are already on Evernote's servers (no local notebooks) and I have some other local backups.

I have found two folders that looks like they contain all of Evernote's 'stuff'.

1. user/library/application support/Evernote (638,000 items)

2. user/library/coredata/com.evernote.Evernote (432,000 items)

I have about 80,000 notes but these two folders contain over 1,000,000 items associated with Evernote.

I am using Backblaze for cloud backup and this large number of files was causing problems even though it totaled <25GB.

It appears that #1 are my actual notes and associated files.

What is #2?

Thanks in advance,


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