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REQUEST: one-click-clipper - clipping takes too long!



In the following I'm not only addressing the browser extensions, but also take into account Javascript bookmarklet solutions. I hope it's the right forum for both.

Clipping websites takes too long! Especially on mobile devices with bookmarklets and sometimes weak connections, it's simply a pain. You click, it takes ages to load. You can't change the tab because the clipper closes when you do so (Chrome on Windows with Extension, Safari on iOS with bookmarklet). The browser extensions are getting slower than faster, by introducing features like tag detection (which I switched off immediately).

The best "clipping" service I've seen so far is from the Read it Later service "Pocket". You only have to make one click and everything is stored. Optionally you can set tags after that. An approach like this would make things much easier and faster (works very fast, also on iOS browsers with weak connections)

Of course there's the thing with the clipping area which you'd have to set. My suggestion herer would be:

  • if something is selected, clip selected area
  • if nothing is selected either clip (default changeable in the settings)
    • URL
    • whole website
    • article (if detected)

Give the pocket clipping a try, and you'll see that the en clipping unfortunately feels very oldschool and slow. Of course the service behind is a different one - and that's exactly why I'd love to see my favorite service with the best solution out there.

As the EN community can be a little bit conservative sometimes ;) it might be an idea to make this a seperate extension/bookmarklet code. Is this request somehow realistic at all? Any thoughts?



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Yes, I agree with psteinweber above. A one-click solution is essential. I moved from memonic to evernote because memonic team moved onto another project, but they had a good solution which was to make available the javascript code for the options you would choose when clipping. So, if I always save the 'whole page', then I could have a bookmarklet which saves the 'whole page', and the same for 'article' and several other options. This way you can either have several bookmarklets which each require only one click, or if you are consistent in your choice, then you can choose to implement the bookmarklet which works for you.


Is there a section on Evernote where you can get the javascript code to create a bookmarklet with the options you choose? I have not found one. 


Also, I do not know why I say bookmarklet, except that seems to be what I call bookmarks on the bookmark toolbar. 




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There have to be LOTS of people who need a one-click clipper for things like Pinterest, or Tumbler, magazine articles, etc!!! This is ridiculous that the thing I thought this "marvelous note-taking" app would do is book-mark/ save what I needed it to from the web, & then it is extremely difficult to get this done. I feel like this is unacceptable, especially when I paid for the upgrade & got this ability for free with other note-taking apps I have down-loaded in the past. Sad, so sad. 


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If you're on iOS and jailbroken, use the "Readr" tweak. It adds Pocket-like functionality for EN. 2 clicks and your link only is added to your default notebook. People keep referring to one click but I believe it can never be less than 2 clicks even for Pocket.

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A conservative community compared to the liberal and free thinking communities on forums for what other services? :)

I don't think Evernote has any officially supported solutions for iOS, does it? So, I think if those are slow, that is out of their hands, at least until Apple lets them fiddle around with Safari :)

The Pocket app ( in the Trunk at http://evernote.com/trunk/items/readitlater?lang=en&layout=default) is very nice. It also shares easily with your Evernote account, so that is a big plus.

Does the Evernote web clipper feel old-school and slow? Mine seems to take just a second or two (click once on the elephant head and click once on save full page). I would like to see a one-click save option (this might shave a second off), or even a no-click automatic clipping of a page after 10 seconds. Of course, this would have to be adjustable in the settings, but to have this option would be great :)

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The handiest clipper I have come across was in a program called Evernote 3.1 - the Evernote Universal Clipper (an aside - I'm a windows user). I still use it today, as much of my research involves clipping individual newspaper articles from full-page images of 19th Century newspapers. It was part of Evernote, not part of the browser, so could be used for any program/application/image/etc on the screen. Hence its name - Universal Clipper. In later versions it was replaced by a set of cross-hairs that were quite clumsy for my purposes. Even the cross-hairs now seem to have gone.


The universal clipper had a tiny floating panel resident on the screen; you selected your image/text and clicked the elephant - all done. A small confirmation panel appeared at the bottom of the screen (for several seconds), giving you the opportunity - if you wished - to click and add a title/comment/tag. It's what made Evernote a great program.


Alternatively, and most important for my type of research, you could click the floating panel and a selection rectangle appeared on the screen; you dragged/stretched the rectangle to fit your screen selection, then clicked the elephant as above.


Another alternative, having selected in one of the ways above, you could right-click on your selection, copy and paste to any program you liked - or to paste into an existing note in Evernote.


A further alternative, again having made your selection, was to save your selection to a .png file.


It never failed, it never took more than milliseconds to do each step. There was nothing even remotely complicated, slow, unreliable about it. It worked like a charm. And it worked for anything, not just web pages. Google Earth, Office programs, data you have stored on your own dvd drives, your screen saver and menus, everything.


It may have had a couple of limitations, but the benefits outweighed them in bucket-loads. It saved the URL for mouse-selections, but not for 'drag & resize the rectangle' selections - I usually got around this by including the URL in my selection panel if needed. Or I did a separate mouse selection and added this to the note. And it probably worked so quickly, efficiently and reliably because it saved directly to the local Evernote, not straight to the Evernote cloud. But it was brilliant. And it's gone.


You can still find Evernote 3.1 somewhere on the Web (at least the Windows desktop version is), but it lacks all the bells and whistles (some quite useful) that have been added over the years. It does sync with the Evernote Cloud. I still have to use it, but I wish they would bring it back in modern versions of Evernote - even if just as an app for those who need it.


I'm a constant user of Evernote - ever since its 'pre-beta' days. My first note was in December 2005, and I'm a firm believer in the program, 17,000 notes (each averaging about four clippings). But I'm stuck back in version 3.1 !!

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Pocket (on a new website)- 3 seconds

Evernote Clipper (on a new website) - 1 second (for clipping options)

Evernote Clearly shortcut (on a new website) - 4 seconds

I'm not seeing a huge speed difference. If you're looking to have the article clipped all the time, I would suggest using the shortcut on Evernote Clearly.

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