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(Archived) Suggestion - Notebook colouring

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Sorry, I couldn't find where to post feedback or suggestions to the app so I thought I'd post it here.

I mainly use the windows app and have put my tags in the grey bar across the top (where it says 'All Notes' etc). I have created multiple notebooks based upon the project the note relates to. All my notebooks do have an 'Ideas/ToDo' list and I have tagged them as such, I then have this tag on the grey bar at the top so when I click it, it shows me all my Idea/ToDo lists in the notes snippet view. However what would be good is if you could assign a colour to each notebook, so when you click a tag name, in the list of notes that appears, the background colour matches the notebook the note came from so you know which one its from at a quick glance.

I appreciate you can see the notepad listed with ease in the list view, but I much prefer the snippet view and colour coding would be far quicker to understand.


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Personally, I prefer the fifty-one shades of Mac gray, but I can see why people would want color in the clients for things like notebooks, notes, and titles. In general, the more customizability the better! But, the more time developers spend on colors, the less they have for other cool stuff.

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