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Can I use Enscript.exe to modify an EXISTING note?


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I'm looking through the info available here: http://dev.evernote.com/documentation/local/chapters/Windows.php

What I'd like to do is somehow use Enscript.exe or Evernote.exe to send note contents to EN, OVERWRITING a specific existing note. I see that I can use Enscript.exe /s filename to read a file into a NEW note, but is there really no way to use it to overwrite an existing note?

Maybe I'm missing something... :-\


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No. Function is not available.

Well p00p. That's a shame. I'd like to submit a feature request then - This would be a VERY handy feature for me, and I imagine other people automating tasks in Evernote.

Thanks for the reply!

EDIT: lol Apparently the profanity filter here moderates the word "p-o-o-p". Had to change it to p-[zero]-[zero]-p. :-)

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ENScript doesn't seem to allow you to do anything destructive, like delete a note, notebook, tag, etc. Replacing is a destructive action. Also, since titles are not guaranteed to be unique, if you had two notes with the same title, Evernote wouldn't know which one to replace.

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