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(Archived) BUG: Clipping protected images


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Yes, the dev team knows about this issue. It's difficult to fix with the current clipper architecture, though. The clipper currently serializes the HTML of a page being clipped into a note and sends that along to the Evernote server to save. The clipper *doesn't* send the images along with the note, though, and instead relies on the Evernote server to download those images and attach them to the note. If the images are restricted in some way though, such that the user can download them but the server can't (for example, because they need special cookies to view), then the server will fail to download them and just store links to them in the note instead.

The way to fix this is to have the clipper send the actual image data along with the note body when a note is created. This is difficult because javascript has historically had bad support for binary data (although recent versions of Chrome and Firefox at least make this a lot less of an issue), and because it makes saving clips much slower for most people (most people have significantly slower internet upload speeds than our servers have download speeds). But fundamentally, we need to implement image resolution in the clipper to fix this, and it's a big change. We will probably do it eventually.

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Thanks. I suspected this was the case.

An alternative would be to make server image fetch synchronous with clipping and only upload client binary data for failed server proxy fetch.

Good luck in finding an efficient solution. It is needed.

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