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(Archived) Sync from Android to Web/PC has not worked

Guest mrossk

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Guest mrossk

Yesterday I added some text in Evernote on my smartphone (Nexus S, Android 4.0.4).

(using last official Evernote-version before 4.1)

After adding the text on my phone, the note has uploaded to Evernote. I saw the upload-notification.

A few hours later I updated my Android to Evernote 4.1 because the new version arrived.

Today I start my windows-computer, sync Evernote and see that the information that I have added yesterday on my Android-phone has NOT arrived to my windows-computer.

I had no time so I added this information again on my windows-computer, synced it again and then also synced my Android-device. Now the note on both devices is in sync again.

I don't know how this is possible because I have activated the upload-notification on my android-device exactly to avoid such data loss and I saw this notification.

Hope this is a one-time thing.


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