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Feature request: recently opened notes

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I would like to propose a feature for Evernote (all platforms): for me it would be helpful if there was a way to see my recently accessed notes. I know I can sort the items in "All notebooks", but that's based on creation or update date. I would like to see an option for most recently accessed items. Or maybe an option to Star items as favorite would also help?



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While I think this is a great idea, I'm not sure it would really be able to work. When you change notebooks, or when you change view type, the first note is automatically opened and displayed in the right pane. This means that a "recently accessed" view would display a bunch of "false positives" that you never actually looked at.

Instead of starring an item as a favorite, why not make a "favorite" tag? Then, you opt to search All Notes by the tag "favorite" and BAM! Just what you were looking for.

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I like the favorite tag idea. It wouldn't tell you what you recently accessed, though, unless you regularly remove it from notes. If I want something to go to the top of the list, I sometimes put a space in the title or body and sort by date updated. It takes no time or effort, and accomplishing what the OP wants.

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It would be great if a date last accessed field could be added! 


Blake, you could only update the field if the user specifically clicked on the item.


I would find this feature immensely useful.


i know you guys like to keep the data structures slim, but you could just leave the field blank for any item that was last accessed at the same time it was last modified, and only set it to a value if it is opened without being modified.


It would be a HUGE help to finding things.


-ben, developer of eHighlighter, an ios app that uses evernote api

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