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navigating through a long note

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Newbie here. Love using evernote. recently I imported a very long article with chronological entires. I find scrolling to reach the end (the beginning of the entry date) of the article/note is tedious on a phone or tablet. is it possible to jump to the end and is there a bookmark function, so I can get back to where I left off reading within the long note? Thank you

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My assumption is that you are using one note as a sort of chronological journal/diary? This would be better suited for a notebook with each note being a daily entry.

However, I may be confused because

I find scrolling to reach the end (the beginning of the entry date)
doesn't make sense to me.

As for your other two questions, there is currently no way to jump to the end of a note and also no bookmark function.

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I think what you are asking Stan, you want to change the way the note shows to read it in chornological order.

Currently desending order: newest entry is on top, to assending order oldest on top.

Like Excel lets you change from assending a-z to descending z-a.

The only solution I have found is like Bushwacker from Evernote said, a note for each journal date. Great if starting a new journal.

A real pain since the document you want is already created. Time and patience to cut and paste on new notes.

If you start at the top, the newest entry, cut/paste it on new note.

Then to find to read: select 'Notes by Created' option in search and it will list them in the order you want.

If you title each entry with key words you can quickly scan the titles to find the topic you specifically want to read.

Also, using folders and tags to best suit your search needs is a big help for finding specific notes or topics.

You could put all notes you create form that original note into its own folder, or use its own tag for those notes.

I love Evernote! Evernote has made my life so much easier.

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I would like this same feature (adding bookmarks within a note). I think one respondent prior thought you (stanfong2000) were talking about multiple notes. The other understood you have a long note, but that it is a running tally of items. I have broken some long notes apart so that I could link to sections from a master note, but I would prefer not to, and it is not the same.


A header at the top of even just a 5 paragraph note, would be very nice, when sharing with others, or even reviewing after a long time has passed. Without this feature, notes that scroll beyond two screens are somewhat unwieldy.

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