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(Archived) Nook Tablet issue with voice recording


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I have a rooted Nook Tablet, and wanted to use the audio voice recording with the previous version and pressing the mic icon did not begin a recording, it had no effect at all. After installing this version, it is the same - pressing the mic button does nothing. However, when I press the Audio tile on the home screen, it opens a new note and recording begins immediately. When I press the stop button, the toolbar has two side-by-side icons with a mic on them. The one on the left has the arrow for choosing the speech-to-text option. the mic icon on the right has no alternate options.

When the speech-to-text icon is chosen, the message “no speech recognition service found” is displayed. When the mic option is chosen, another recording begins. Nothing happens if the mic-only icon on the right is pressed. Accessing the recording feature via the home screen audio tile is the only way to begin a recording or see the 2-option icon. I would like to have the mic icon begin a recording, and I thought as long as the 2-option icon was present, it meant the speech-to-text would work, but it doesn't for me.

Also, there seems to be no obvious way to delete the audio file. You can remove the recording from the note, or delete the note that contains the recording, but it does not delete, or offer to delete, the recording itself. I would like to be able to delete the audio file too.

Sorry, not exactly related......but obviously I am able to download, install, and use this program. Despite searching, I can't find a satisfactory, consistent explanation for why google play says Evernote is not compatible with my device (and just because it came pre-installed shouldn't mean I can never update it unless B&N decides to, whenever thay may be)

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