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Ugh. That's painful. I almost never throw things away (there are some test notes and the like at are really junk). I'd just keep them, because deleting them won't free up space or anything like that. Unless, of course, there is a lot of junk. I don't know of any way to get the bad ones back in the trash and keep the good ones in the account except going through by hand :(

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On the Windows client, restoring a note from the trash sets the updated date to the date/time it was restored. You can then sort all notes by updated date & go from there. Still a bit of a fugly process, if you restored very many notes. OTOH, you could retain these notes & tag them "may accidentally have been restored from the trash" just for future reference & not blow time trying to sort them out. Also, IDK if the Mac client sets the updated date to the restored date.

I've actually done something similar where I had a bunch of notes that I wasn't sure if they were duped or not. So I just applied a meaningful tag (duped?) & left them all in my database. I'd rather have dupes than one missing. ;-)

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