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(Archived) Photos allways in landcsape ... grrr....


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When you are in edit mode, the picture will appear to be in landscape. However, upon saving the note, the picture will display the way you took it.

No, it does not :-(

Hmm... are you sure when you're taking the picture vertically the camera options (zoom, flash,white balance, etc.) are also displaying vertically? I can't show a screenshot because my phone nixes the camera when I press it....

When you take a picture note in evernote, the "take picture" button and the "cancel" button will always display horizontal, but if you hold the phone vertically, it still registers it as a vertical picture.


Beyond a small user error, I can't think of anything that would cause this. Maybe try clearing the Evernote app's cache and logging in/out.

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on my Smartphone (HTC One-X) it works fine. Not so on my Xoom.

I found a work around: Just open the picture in Skich and saving it without any changes lets the photo display in the right way.

Hope this could be fixed soon :-)

Greetings to Texas!


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