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(Archived) Secure notebooks for i-phone?

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Hello Evernote fans,

I am new to Evernote having recently installed it on my PC so that I can use it on my i-phone. I like to carry alot of info around with me that I can't otherwise keep in my brain such as my kids Social Security numbers (comes in handy at the docs office). Is there a way to password protect a notebook that I access on my i-phone? I notice that now when I open Evernote on the i-phone all of my notes and folders just pop up. Very convenient but not so secure.

I"d appreciate any advice.


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If you select some text in the Windows version of Evernote and then right-click, you have an option to encrypt that text. Then you can view this on the iPhone later. (The current version of the iPhone application fails to display the decrypted text at times, but this should be fixed in the next release.)

This is useful for things like passwords, PINs, and card numbers that you want to provide an extra level of protection.

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