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Enter Time stamp based on recording position



What would be very very useful is to be able to insert a time stamp based on the record location of an audio recording in Evernote. Think about it... your recording a presentation or a meeting while taking notes. you make a note about something in the meeting. Having a time stamp based on the record time in the notes would allow you to find the spot in the 1hour or more long recording that this subject or note appeared.

Would make my life a lot easier. Right now i have to go back and guessedimate the time. which is ok. but a key click would be even sweeter. Even sweeter yet woud be to automagically time code it. then as i scrub thru the recording highlight text that was entered at that time (within a 60 second window or so)

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This is exactly what I need - is this a feature available yet?


As a student, this would make my life a whole lot easier in lectures when i'm taking in an recording a lot of information.


I'm pretty nifty on my iPad keyboard so for now I manually type a timestamp every so often, which works for me. Though it would be great if it did this automatically or if, to make it simpler, just add a button that drops a timestamp of the audio recording. Then I could spend more time understanding what the lecturer is saying.

Please make this available before I graduate in May 2014! =) 

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I found this post by searching for information regarding a feature of this sort or an Evernote friendly app that can do it.

I'd like to have this feature as well. If anyone knows of a timeline for this feature or an app, please send me a note.

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We are in 2019 and to this day Evernote ignores such a simple implementation of such a useful feature. Disappointing to see how much Evernote ignores constructive feedbacks ...

I see many reports from people who don't use the audio recording feature because they find it impractical to find the exact content of something spoken during the recording.

Although this is just a simple way to make mentions and records / annotation on said content. Very useful to the student / observer but my suggestion is in the future Evernote implements "speech recognition" and converts it to text. Even if it's only for premium users. Something like You Tube's automatic subtitling.

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+1 - I was searching for this, I found out OneNote has this capability and went to search if Evernote does because I use Evernote and find OneNote too sparse design-wise, but my need for timestamped recordings may outweigh my loyalty to Evernote very soon. Listen to the people!

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