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(Archived) Search feature NOT Working!???



I typically use my EN on my home computer and my cell phone. When I search using my Android cell phone I do not have any problems. I'm usually on my computer though and here's where the problem is...

When I search for something on my iMac (when I'm signed into EN) it brings up the multiple notes that have the 'Searched' items....Or at least I think it does...HOWEVER for some strange reason random words are highlighted. A few of the highlighted words will be the correct words that have been searched, but many others are just random words or half of the word highlighted with another word which has nothing to do with what I'm searching for.

I'll go through a particular note and notice incorrect words have been highlighted and the correct words in my search have been completely missed...

This leads me to wonder whether or not it is searching and providing me ALL the searched words I'm looking for during my search in my entire EN account?

Anybody else having this same problem???

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