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Hello, I love Evernote and I use my Motorola Xoom tablet as a laptop replacement for school.

I use a bluetooth keyboard, and I am constantly wishing that Evernote would implement a couple keyboard-centric features:

  • control+i, control+b, control+u should toggle on italics,bold, underline. Currently I have to take my hand off the keyboard to use these features and if I'm taking notes during a talk or a class I either miss things or have to go on without indicating emphasis.
  • A similar issue, highlighting by using the shift key on the keyboard behaves differently than holding with a finger to highlight. Using a finger to highlight enables one touch bolding, italicizing, or underlining of the selection, but highlighting with the keyboard then pressing the bold button, for example, does nothing.

Hopefully those things are easy to implement, I have no idea. I assume that control-z to undo would be a more intensive feature, but any keyboard shortcuts that could be added to Evernote would be a good thing for users like me who use a tablet with a keyboard.

Thanks for listening!

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