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(Archived) Switch pane focus keyboard shortcut?


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In the documentation it lists two shortcuts tab, and shift + tab but says neither works as described yet. When will they work as described and is there an alternative?

Tab Not yet working as described here Navigate between panels and within each panel (side panel > notebooks > tags > attributes > saved searches > trash > note list > search box > note title > note tags > note url > note editor > ...) Shift + Tab Not yet working as described here Move focus to previous pane (time band > tape > note list > side panel > search box > ...)

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Hi firefusion,

I get the feeling that the documentation that you have found, is not the current version. Would you show us where you are reading this?

The most recent, and relevant Knowledge base Article is this one:


From your question though, I get the feeling that this may not be exactly what you are looking for. There are some other somewhat undocumented keyboard shortcuts that you can use to navigate around the Evernote Interface, the ones that I have found are listed here:



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