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(Archived) Oh, how I wish Evernote could do this!


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This would be great for Evernote mobile apps in general, but since I'm primarily an Android user, it goes in the Android subforum. ;)

And I know this is a pie-in-the-sky wish, but when I saw this video, my very first thought was how incredible this would be in Evernote where I have scanned or photographed documents that I frequently read on a small device.

It takes photos of documents, and recognizes the characters so that when you zoom in so you can read, it reflows the text to the screen. Brilliant! As shown here, it's being developed by Fujifilm. I don't know if there are any existing products or technologies that do this, but it would certainly be awesome if Evernote could buy/license/develop something like this. Add this to my "dream features" list.

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