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I use Evernote on my phone when I teach a bible study since it has my notes in it, but I would love the option to keep the screen on; it's annoying and time consuming to have to unlock my phone every time I finish a point and need back in my notes.

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While an option in the app would be nice, there are other ways to accomplish this.

I personally user Tasker to automate my phone to do things like this. (If X app is running, keep screen on.) It's an extensive app that can automate almost ANYTHING you want it to, but it is complex and a little bit pricey for an app.

If keeping the screen on is the only goal you're trying to accomplish, I would suggest trying out this app. I've never used it, but it looks to solve your problem.

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I agree that I think it may be more related to the device than Evernote. My phone time's out rapidly, but my Galaxy Tablet will stay on forever in my cookbook holder.

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