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(Archived) Iphone request

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Hi everyone, yesterday I was browsing on a train using my iphone (Safari) and wanted to clip it to evernote. It would have been brilliant to have a button to easily clip it to evernote. I know you can mail the link to evernote but its not quite the same.

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Thanks for the suggestion. The biggest problem is that Apple doesn't allow you to modify or extend any standard iPhone applications (like Safari or the Mail client). Unlike a desktop PC, you can't play any secret tricks to plug yourself into an existing app (and Apple wouldn't put you on the App Store if you did...).

We've looked at options, but they would require a lot of manual steps by the user, so we're trying to figure out something better.


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Right now, our mail gateway just takes the Subject of the email we receive and makes that the Title of the note. This is true for emails from all sorts of places. Does the iPhone give you a way to set the subject, or do they always send emails with a URL in the subject?

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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