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(Archived) keyboard shortcut to set focus to notelist


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Hi people

I'm not sure if I just need help or if this is in fact a feature request - perhaps I'm missing something.

I'm currently doing some work where I need to cycle through the following sequence repeatedly:

  1. update note title
  2. select next note in note list

I've been looking at https://support.ever...ote-for-Windows and so for step 1. above I'm using F2 to select the note title. However I can't see a shortcut that'll let me set focus to the note list so that I can then use the cursor keys to select the next note. As a result I'm currently having to let go of the keyboard and use the mouse to select the next note each time which is frustrating and inefficient.

I'd really like to keep my hands on the keyboard throughout.

Can anyone tell me what I've missed? Suggest a workaround?

Or is this a legitimate feature request?

Thanks in advance

Stuart / SomeBizzare

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Hi Stuart,

There is no defined shortcut to focus the note list, however it is possible to reach it.

Some undocumented shortcuts can be found here, which are useful for navigating around the EN interface:


To focus the note list, you must first focus the note itself, so I would follow this process:

F2 -> Change title -> Enter (to save title and switch to the note) -> Escape (to return from the note to the note list) -> Navigate to the next note.


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You're welcome :)

Thanks very much Scott. The ESC escapes to the top of the notelist so with a little tweak on the sort order of my notes I've achieved what I wanted.

I will guess that you were sorting by updated?

Since the title is updated, you will find that when you press Esc, the note that you are focused on will be at the top of the list...But, you seem to have solved that by changing the sort order :)

I've joined your public notebook too :)

Nice :)

Glad it helped, and I hope it continues to :)


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