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(Archived) Windows Mobile Version

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Like millions of people throughout the world, I am still using a Windows Mobile (6.5) phone the HTC HD2.

The version of Evernote on my phone is 3.3 (64861).

Is that the most recent version of Evernote for WM, or was there a later one?


If there is a later version, and if it is better, where can one download it?


Side note.

Interesting, that as soon as Microsoft announced it was coming out with Windows Phone 7, and that it would not be backwards-compatible with earlier Windows Mobile devices, suddenly Windows Mobile became "unsupported", although millions of people throughout the world were still using WM devices. One might think that developers still might care about supporting all those millions of users, but that did not seem to be the case, as suddenly (although 6.5 had not really been out so long) WM was deemed "obsolete", not worth supporting.I wish there was more concern about supporting users, even if the powers that be have deemed their mobile OS "obsolete".

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By the way, if the version of Evernote for WM that I have is the latest, it certainly COULD USE AN UPDATE!

For one thing, I see no way at all to choose the sort order of the notes. (If there is a way, will someone please tell me how.) If it is impossible to set the sort order, that is a serious defect, even for an older version. That is essential, for users to be able to set the sort order.

Also, there is no option for finger-scrolling in it (as far as I can see), one has to use the scroll bar to the side. It is true that older WM devices used a stylus, not the finger. But more recent ones like my HD2 do use finger-scrolling (no stylus came with it), just like IOS and Android devices. I am sure you have finger-scrolling in IOS and Android versions, I think it should be there (as an option at least) in the WM version too.

One more problem I have encountered in the version of Evernote for WM that I currently have. There does not seem to be any local storage of notes. If one is not connected to the Internet, one cannot see any notes at all! Well, one might not always be connected to the Internet, but still want to see the last-synced version of a note. They should be cached on the device for offline viewing.

(Per the last part of my previous post) I can predict your reply--"WM is an obsolete IOS, that we don't support". Well, I am sure that you have many thousands or millions of customers worldwide who still use WM devices. If you care about giving good customer service, you will have a decent Evernote version that will run on the WM platform. My two cents.

Is there a newer WM version than the one I have?

If not----are there any workarounds, registry tweaks, etc., to address the sort order of notes, and that could enable finger scrolling, and ability to view notes offline?

Thanks in advance.

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