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(Archived) Evernote for Android 4.1 Beta 3 PDFs 'corrupt'


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I've just installed the latest beta 3 onto a Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000 running CM9. Most of my notes are PDFs, which display as attachments - all good so far. However, if I try and open an attachment (using a variety of PDF viewers on the tablet) I get an error message saying the PDF is corrupt (which I suspect is a 'catch all' message from the viewer app). The PDF opens fine on my PC, and if I email the PDF to my tablet, it opens fine (through Gmail, using is the same viewer app).

Any suggestions? I updated to the beta to see if that fixed it, with no joy. However, some PDFs open okay - the only common link I can find is that my scanning program (HP scan on Windows 7) is doing something strange, because if I print to PDF (or use MS Office's save as PDF) they open okay.

This all worked on the previous ROM I had on the tablet - Overcome - but stopped when I moved to CM9.



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Just an update... The PDFs fail to open in Adobe Reader, Aldiko, Officesuite and PDF Reader. However, they do reliably open in Amazon's Kindle app. Also, if I mail the PDF (thru' Evernote) to myself, I can read them there. Stranger and stranger...

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