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(Archived) Script for Launch Center (Not LaunchBar)


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I am trying to get Launch Center (not Launch Bar) to work with Evernote so that instead of just opening Evernote I can customize it to:

1) open evernote and create a new note with whatever text I type in Launch Center

2) open evernote, create a new note with whatever text I type in Launch Center, and trigger the camera feature so I can append a picture to my note.

The idea for doing this came from a great post on how to do this with Omnifocus. The link is here http://bettermess.com/omnilaunch/

The scripting for omnifocus is copied below for comparison. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  • New Task from Prompt – omnifocus:///add?name=[prompt]
  • New Task from Prompt w/ Clipboard – omnifocus:///add?name=[prompt]&note=[clipboard]
  • Follow Up With – omnifocus:///add?name=Follow%20up%20with%20
  • Follow Up With w/ Clipboard – omnifocus:///add?name=Follow%20up%20with%20&note=[clipboard]
  • Set meeting with [name of person or team] re – omnifocus:///add?name=Set%20meeting%20with%20[prompt]%20re%20
  • Set meeting with [name of person or team] re w/ Clipboard – omnifocus:///add?name=Set%20meeting%20with%20[prompt]%20re%20&note=[clipboard]
  • Email [name of person or team] about – omnifocus:///add?name=Email%20[prompt]%20about%20
  • Email [name of person or team] about w/ Clipboard – omnifocus:///add?name=Email%20[prompt]%20about%20&note=[clipboard]
  • Look into – omnifocus:///add?name=Look%20into%20
  • Look into w/ Clipboard – omnifocus:///add?name=Look%20into%20&note=[clipboard]
  • Plan new project – omnifocus:///add?name=Plan%20new%20project%20to%20

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I heartily second this.


For me, it would also be great to be able to go to either the beginning or end of any particular existing note, perhaps also with an inserted time stamp (and new line) there.  (And this would be good with or without Launch Center/Launch Center Pro, at least if one could save a shortcut to the Evernote URL on one of my iPhone "desktop" app icons.)  


This would be great way to quickly keep a running log of various topics of interest, e.g.

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