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(Archived) Nested tags and Shared Notebooks


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Hi All,

I create a notebook, and pre-created many tags and nested tags (sub tags). I created a note with all the tags. Then, I shared the notebook to another user (both free accounts). When the user that receives the sharing request opens the shared notebooks, all tags appear flat. The nesting is not preserved.

Is there a way to preserve the tag nesting with shared notebooks?

Thank you for a wonderful product, love it!

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Hi - welcome to the Forums. Evernote is constantly under development, and I'm sure the feature will be added at some stage, but at the moment tags in shared notebooks cannot be nested.

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Thanks for posting and pointing that out

I am glad someone pointed it out - I was going to say the same thing. I actually got my whole department at work to get premium accounts on evernote, but I was unaware that tags could not be nested. We'll find a way to make this work, but I have to admit, I was a bit disappointed, and hope that this change is a priority for Evernote. Your customers could really use this feature. Otherwise, thanks for a great product!

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+1 to this.

I'm in the same boat as Adri333.

I moved my whole task management system into Evernote so I could share my notebook with my assistant. I was disappointed to discover after all that work that nested tags do not go along with the shared notebook. Also like Adri333, we'll work with a work around on this - but hope Evernote can quickly add this feature.


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