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(Archived) HOW TO: Import Sidekick 98 data into Evernote

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Trying to help a friend transition to Evernote. Here's what she's looking to do, and the export format options available in Sidekick 98.

Any help you can offer will be appreciated - thanks.


My old program was essentially a very flexible contact mgr, arranged as a series of card files; one card file had all my litmags, another had research on small presses, another had agent submissions (etc., etc.), and all of it was immediately available and easily scanned. Basically, I want my cardfiles back..

Export choices: ASCII tab-delimited, ASCII comma-separated, spreadsheet data interchange, dBase III, and dBase IV.


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Welcome to the Forums.

I remember Sidekick! I used to use the various incarnations through '97 and '98 until some wimped-out 'improved' version replaced the previous highly useful databases with something in prettier colours that did half as much.

I'd suggest you warn your friend that Evernote isn't by any means a card file, and their data is going to look very different in this new guise. You will be able to import data, but you need to use an intermediate stage. I'm not sure what all the export formats will look like in layout terms, but all the entries will be in one file. You will need to import the exported data into a word-processor and 'print' individual entries to files as part of a mail-merge operation. You could output either text or PDF files. I'd suggest text files if you're looking to have this information visible on a mobile client, PDFs if not. You can use the mail-merge properties of your word processor to alter the layout of the data. Make sure the first line of your new document is what you'd like to see as a note subject line.

If the information relates to different categories, then export each category separately - probably into a separate notebook at least temporarily - and then add a tag for the sort of information each of these notes represents - presses, agents etc. Then you can move them all to a common notebook.

To import into Evernote, simply drop your mail-merged document files into an Import Folder.

Once you've completed the task, a search on any tag will produce a list of notes sorted by subject line or creation date - so give a little thought to the naming of notes before you start.

Hope that helps...

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...and I've just thought of one problem - the output from your mail merge will be a series of documents saved as 'letter1.doc', 'letter2.doc' or some such. Evernote will actually use the filename as the note title, and I can't immediately think of a way around that. Needless to say I haven't yet tried to bulk import data in this way!

Whatever you try, DO SMALL SCALE TESTS FIRST - even if you overcome this initial issue I'm sure there will be other problems along the way...

(Hmmn - maybe an email merge, where you can specify the subject line of the email and then mail the note into Evernote...??)

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