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Do you mind expanding upon exactly what the message says (via screenshot or something)? The only similar message that I'm aware of is one that notifies you when your upload limit will be reset so you can upload more data again. A free Evernote account is limited to 60MB of uploaded data per 30 day cycle.

Regardless, Evernote will never delete all your data so you can be assured that all your photos and notes will still be there.

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Hi cammie72, welcome to the forum :)

This sounds like the upload allowance, is that what you are referring to?

Each month of Evernote use allows you up to 60MB (Free - Premium allows for 1GB)

Some info on the upload allowance:


This is what I see with regards to the upload allowance on my Android device, is that what you are referring to?


As you can see, I am due a "reset", and my upload allowance will be reset back to 60MB when the time comes.


EDIT: I see I was beaten to it :P

I either type to much, or too slowly...or both... :)

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You're welcome :)

I guess the phrase "Reset" could be potentially confusing to some...but then is there a better way of phrasing it? I don't know.

Hi I bumped into this topic because I was also confused with the same message.

Now it was a relief that my data won't be deleted otherwise it's crazy because I was left with 1 day to go.

But I believe it will be great to change the term from "Resets in 1 day" to "Upload Limit resumes in 1 day"

And/Or possibly adding this message or process in "Settings / App Settings" lets say something like "Help" or "About usage"

Great thanks by the way.

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Bumb again... Another confused new user here.


Android app wording is very unfortunate;


"Current Usage

0MB ... 60MB

Resets in 6 days"


How else can anyone read it? Usage ... resets in 6 days. There is no other sensible interpretion than that Evernote would wipe clean your data.


I was googling answers to questions "why does it wipe my data?" and "how to make sure none of my notes are ever stored there?" or "can I cancel my Evernote account and dissassociate my app from the account?".


Soon enough I found this and similar pages explaining what that really means.


But seriously. Someone with any contacts or channels to development, PLEASE ask them to re-word that. It's just plain stupid.





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