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(Archived) How to contact some at Evernote (re: Evernote meetup resource request)

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Hi all:

I was wondering if there is an eaisier way to contact someone at Evernote?

I have been an Evernote user for a couple of years now. I recently saw the Meetup link, and have seen videos on the site from a couple of other meetups...so I thought I'd take the plunge. Searched the meetup link and found my city, (St. Charles, IL) and decided to become the 'point person' for an Evernote meetup on set it for July 16th. What I was wondering, is if someone might be able to put me in touch with someone at Evernote to find out if there are any resources (promo stuff, information, fliers, maybe a couple goodies for giveaways...?) that they might be able to help with. The problem is, seems to be real hard to just find a straight contact link for someone on the Evernote site. None of the links that they provide seems to fit what I am looking for.

Any help that someone can provide would be great..thanks!


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You can file a support request for this. I believe there's a downloadable Meetup resource pack you can print out for name badges, posters and such.

For giveaways, I believe your event needs to reach a certain size for them to send you a giveaway pack (anyone can create a meetup, after all), but you could get lucky!

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Thanks for the help!

Any chance that someone can make a section on the blog or website dealing with meetups, how to start them, hints/tips and how where to get help and resources from Evernote? Unless I didn't look hard enough, I couldn't find anything...anywhere.


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Hey Eric,

Not sure if you've seen this already or if this helps at all, but here's a blog post with some preliminary information on setting up meetups: http://blog.evernote.com/2010/06/11/evernote-meetups-are-just-two-weeks-away/

At the bottom, there are a few PDFs for posters, nametags, and such, all ready to print! (I believe this is what Heather was talking about, unless there's an even bigger resource pack I don't know about :P)

Hope this helps. Good luck!

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Hi all,

Talk about a quick response...submitted a support ticket, and Geoff from Evernote got back to me almost right away. Provided me with the name tag/sign resources, plus a couple of 1 mo. Premium subscription keys to give away. Looking forward to doing this meetup!

Thanks to everyone for the help!


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Good luck with it!

I guess I am the point dude in my area, but I haven't arranged anything yet. I probably ought to do it :) My usual method is to present at my university, but the audience there is pretty restricted.

I'd be interested in how you do things there. Any interest in doing a write-up afterwards sharing your thoughts about it. What worked? What didn't? What did you do?

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