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(Archived) QUESTIONL: Is there a max size for Livescribe file transfers?




I recently used my Livescribe pen to record a pen cast at a 2 day conference. There are around 12 pages of notes allied to perhaps 15 hours of audio.

If I do what I usually do - select the relevant pages in Livescribe Desktop and then drag and drop them to my Evernote account, it appears to process them but they never appear in Evernote.

Is there some sort of Evernote limit on this? I've asked Livescribe the same question as I cannot see any apparent problem so have no idea which app is causing the failed transfer.

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Ah. Thanks! And how can I tell if what I am seeking to upload from Livescribe exceeds that? There is no error message to warn you that the action won't succeed either - it looks just the same as it does when it works fine!

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IIRC, I don't use the Livescribe transfer. IIRC, I export the audio to my hard drive, since I keep a copy on my hard drive as well as in EN. Easy to tell from there. IMO, sounds like the burden is on Livescribe to let you know if the files are too big for your EN account, since they are "feeding" your EN account. (If you're using the EN hooks in LS.)

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