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(Archived) Seen the Submissions? (Evernote Devcup)

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Tomorrow (July 2) is the deadline for the 2013 Evernote Developer's Cup (Evernote Devcup). Have you seen them?


Don't know what it is? Here is the official explanation and a link to the original announcement.

"The Evernote Devcup is our annual developer competition for designers and software developers. With the help of our online community, we will award prizes to the best products that integrate with the Evernote API. Participants will be working on building apps and services that effectively use features within the Evernote service."


I thought it might be nice to have a thread on the forum for discussing the entries. As of this moment, there are 52. Any that have caught your eye?

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I found Evernote Highlights to be interesting - not because of its Evernote integration, but because of it's categorization process. I've never seen an app take something monotonous like organization and turn it into something engaging (swipe tagging).

Although I don't believe it was the developer's intent, this process would be fantastic for GTD users. You could select your inbox and then select how you want to organize (Context, Project, Action Type) then just swipe the items into the correct categories. In fact, I believe if someone came out with this system for customized GTD, many people would be more encouraged to use the system.

Granted, this is just the first thing I've found that sparked my interest. I haven't looked at many of the submissions yet. I'll be familiarizing myself in the coming days.

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I agree. The implementation looks slick. It's cool that you are supporting other developers, even though you have your own app in the contest! Eversyncer looks nice, and it addresses issues / questions that have come up in the forums before by users.


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I am still relatively new to the Evernote platform so I am genuinely interested in how people use it and those new apps give one a good idea of how Evernote is used and what is possibly missing. Another one I like is http://devcup.evernote.com/submissions/8447-noteprise-leveraging-evernote-for-the-enterprise-user , mostly because this kind of notes-to-CRM integration makes sense to me.

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After half a day of voting, I took a look at the early results for a topic close to my heart (future tasks, reminders and appointments).

There are 8 applicants that come up with a search for Calendar.

The ones that caught my attention were at the bottom of the list.

Evernoted - 24th position (tied with 16 others)

Checknote - 25th position (tied with 34 others)

EverTaskZ - 26th position (tied with 65 others)

Evercalendar - 26th position (tied with 65 others)

Regretfully, It looks like Evernote made the right decision to shelve the Due Date feature.

Not much of a hot topic for either the developers or the users.

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