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(Archived) How do you "sell" Evernote?

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I am becoming more and more of an Evernote junkie as the days go by- these are some exciting times! The only thing that would make Evernote better for me is if all my friends used it as much as I did, so I could start actively sharing notebooks with them.

Only a number of my friends use Evernote daily. Something that I frequently hear from my friends is that they're familiar with Evernote, know that it's a good thing, but have just never taken that extra step to start using it. Others have tried using it but just never got in the habit of it.

I'm curious to see, were you convinced to use Evernote by a friend or did you discover the app on your own? And how do you yourself go about "selling" Evernote to your friends? (Had to put the quotes in there, as it's free :P)

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I discovered EN on my own, through Google searches. WRT "selling" it to others, I learned a long time ago that it's usually not worth my time to try to convince anyone to use something. I tell them about it & if they ask, I'll answer questions. Other than that, I figure they are big people & capable of making their own decisions. Similarly, if someone tells me about something & I'm not really interested, I don't want them regularly harping to me about it. :)

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Organization is a personal thing, and some people are not terribly interested in messing around with their system.

I've found that showing use cases (starting with your own) may not persuade them to use Evernote, but it at least informs them about the organizational possibilities. That kind of exposure could end up "selling" the app down the line but more importantly, it may give them the inspiration they need to improve their organization. I figure that the best marketing is a satisfied customer -- you:)

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I depend on Evernote a great deal and I'm always happy to help someone work out how to use it better, but I've not become a total evangelist.

I believe that individuals should work out their own system of doing things in Evernote because each person has their own 'ideal' method, and a process I find comfortable and efficient might be totally incomprehensible to someone else.

Likewise I think it's up to an individual to find their own way to Evernote - you can explain to someone how much you think the app helps you in your daily life, and you could have a 'standard' sharable personal notebook to give others a reason to use it, but it doesn't seem likely that you could incentivise them to become converts overnight without losing some friends in the process.

I had the app for a year or so before I tried it out (for the fourth or fifth time) to solve a particular problem , and found that it was a Swiss Army Knife for lots of issues. I've been an active user for around 2 years now though I'm still tinkering with the details of my classification systems. I've probably become an Evernote bore but although I win arguments and the occasional bet with it I've not yet noticed a major take-up amongst my acquaintances.

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I rave about the fact that I no longer waste time copying snippets of ideas or web clippings between computers.

That when I record my ideas on my phone as I'm out walking or cycling, I don't have to copy those ideas over to a computer with a sync and then remember to transcribe it there or copy them to yet another computer later.

I glory in relaxing about my increasingly sloppy memory - I can find stuff through loose association or time or geographical location with a fraction of the effort. I answer things whilst I'm away from my computer because I can look them up locally.

I take my iPad or iPhone into meetings and don't have to preserve the scribbled bits of paper or transcribe them.

I tell them that I'm so in love with the platform that I'm working on great cross-platform tools to fill in the gaps so it's even more perfect for me and I can keep all my diagrams in there as well :D

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I forgot to mention something. I also hold workshops explaining how to use Evernote (and other apps).


I try to pass on a little about what I know, and how I think Evernote can benefit others in my field, but I often learn a lot from questions, suggestions, and the use cases of others there. Exchanging information in settings like this can be a good way to let more people know about Evernote, while also teachin you something about it as well :)

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