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(Archived) Skitch Drawing Contest #1

Blake Burch

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Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the 1st ever (that I'm aware of) Skitch drawing contest!

Rules: Take a good hard look at the picture we present you with and try to replicate it to the best of your ability using only Skitch. When you post your attempt, please let us know which device you made it on! (Those with styluses have the unfair advantage).

Judge: gbarry

When: Contest ends Friday July 6, 2012 at 12:00AM PST

Prize: One month of Evernote Premium, a warm fuzzy feeling, and internet fame.

This week's picture is pretty simple. We'll see how you all do drawing the logo!


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Neat idea, Blake!

I'm a little embarrassed to post mine.. but I figured I spent a good 20 minutes of my life on it. Might as well give myself some credit.

Skitch on a Macbook, drawn with a touchpad and some skill :P Kidding.


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There is an image in my post now, who did that? :D:P

I feel that my image isn't really true to the supplied image, so I may have to give it a proper go...

It is weird...I was bored and randomly drawing in Skitch and somehow ended up with a shape looking similar to the logo. I considered posting a similar topic to this, to get everyone to share their use of skitch, but forgot about it...

EDIT: An attempt at the logo as in the image. :)


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  • Evernote Staff

And spgSCOTT wins the contest! He wins not only our adoration but a free month of Premium. This is what happens when only one non-employee replies to these kinds of things. We'll do more in the future, and publicize something about it.

I enjoyed all entries, however.

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