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(Archived) Word Count and Editing Capabilities

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I would like to suggest having word count in notes. For school, I tend to write my papers on Evernote and would like to determine the amount of words I type as some assignments limit word count. Also, adding editing capabilities such as those in Microsoft Word where an editor can highlight and leave a comment box with his/her suggestions, critique, recommendations, etc. I'm not sure how feasible the latter suggestion is, but it would make Evernote that much more versatile. Thank you for your time.



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Lo and behold the mighty right click! With a swift press of the middle finger and a recoiling click from your index on the one named "Word and Resource Counts" you too can find the function that you seek.

As for the other requests - good ideas! For the time being, you can color the text instead of highlighting (and frankly, I've always found it easier on the eyes). I've used this with groups before and we all claim a different color for commenting. It's not perfect, but it's definitely workable.

(Forgive me for my lame attempt at humor. It's late :) )

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I'm not sure where to find "Word and Resource count".  Currently note information (i) provides this data.  I was wondering if I can select a section of the text and get the count via a context menu.  I created an OSX Service for the same purpose currently.  

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