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(Archived) Offline syncing & sharing across multiple machines

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I've been using Evernote for personal use for a few years and I'm now considering it as a company-wide tool.

It is however paramount that everything has to happen offline. I know note creation and searching can be done offline but what of syncing and sharing across multiple (LAN-connected but offline) machines (and ideally accounts)?

Can multiple instances of the Evernote desktop application communicate on a LAN without access to the web? Is there a need for a server of some kind that we could deploy internally?

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Here is a fairly clear answer from Evernote's CEO just a couple months ago.

April 27, 2012 - ComputerWorld reported that CEO Phil Libin said:

Evernote will launch a business program in the coming months, allowing administrators to better control security and data... Until now, Evernote mainly targeted individuals and schools, but that is going to change. "We are launching an official business program," Libin said,

Enterprise use of Evernote is through end users instead of official channels, Libin said.

The goal is to adopt the tool for corporate IT systems, although a white label version is out of the question. "Absolutely not, we'll never do it," Libin said, adding that he thinks that offering a white label version is too much of a distraction. Companies will not be able to run an Evernote server behind the corporate firewall. Libin called it a "slippery slope" saying that he refuses to be a consultant that constantly adjusts its product for the customer.


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