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(Archived) QUESTION: What are parent tags, and how do you make them?



According to the documentation for AppleScript it appears that tags can have "parent tags". The following is from the Evernote Dictionary.

tagn : A tag.


contained by application.


name (text) : The tag's name.

parent (tag or missing value) : The tag's parent tag, if any.

Can anyone tell me how to setup parent tags and what they are used for?

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

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David34309, I have been impressed with your questions. I am neither a MAC user nor a programmer, but I do use a lot of parent and child tags.

From my perspective, they are useful for grouping similar tags together.






The 3 character prefix (com) helps me narrow the possible tag selections.

But from a programming perspective, I do not believe there is any connection or association between the parent and child.

There are no hierarchical links between parent and child.

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@jbenson2. Thank you for the kind words. Apparently on the Mac (and the web) the way you create parent tags is to drag another tag on top of it. I had assume that this feature existed based on the documentation but had no idea how to use it. Maybe the Windows world is more "common sense" or maybe I just missed the instructions. :)

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