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(Archived) HELP: How to get upload used and limit from account info? [RESOLVED]



I've been trying to retrieve the upload used and limit properties from my account info via AppleScript without success. According to the documentation these properties are available:

account infon, pl accounts : Information about an Evernote account.


contained by application.


name (text, r/o) : The account's username.

account type (standard/‌premium/‌other, r/o) : The account type.

upload limit (integer, r/o) : Maximum data upload (in bytes) for the current month.

upload reset date (date, r/o) : When the data upload counter will be reset.

upload used (integer, r/o) : Data uploaded (in bytes) so far for the current month.

I'm able to retrieve the name but thats all.

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

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